The power of personal responsibility

Honor yourself as an awakening aspect of the Divine. When a teacher is needed, one will appear to assist you or pivot you in a new direction. Otherwise, each day is up to you. Find your own style of connection and flow your intention and energy into every moment. If something is not bringing you movement forward, understand that it may be time for exploration. Allow yourself the opportunity to connect with the strength of who you truly are.

We have had many amazing teachers in this world; however, the true power of spiritual awakening resides in finding one’s own truth through unique experience. For this reason, we’re gifted with several ways of looking at enlightenment. In this infinite Universe, there is room for you to be uniquely you – an expression of the infinite in physical form.

We all experience life through the filter of our unique perception. Events, whether considered positive or negative, are simply events which occur in our human experience and limited vision and each of us has the option to choose how we will respond to whatever life presents to us on the Path of Transformation.

Once we take responsibility for our own state of consciousness, we begin to realize that what we have considered to be “reality” is merely a reflection of how we see the world, what we expect, what we believe or what we fear. When we choose to surrender to a situation, stop trying to force those around us to change and go within for the answers, we begin to heal.

Today my intention is to bring a conscious awareness to all that I do.

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