Your journey of joy

Do whatever you can to make your spiritual journey one of joy. It’s important to reinforce what you learn, and in fact, I’ve discovered that which each new concept, healing approach or insight, the Universe sends the perfect situation in which I can utilize my awakening knowledge.

Should you notice that same magical assistance in your experience, trust that the person in front of you has agreed on a soul level to aid you in the process of applying new skills. Whether you are refining healing or teaching abilities, forgiveness, patience or manifestation, take a leap of faith and do your best.

We all periodically act as teachers for one another. When you choose to look forward with enthusiasm and joy, life becomes an adventure to be lived and experienced. You are loved and supported by the Divine each step of the way.

Every aspect of life comes down to relationships. We have relationships with people, our past, work, objects, food, the weather and anything else you can think of… and relationships offer us a mirror of what is going on inside.

Pay attention to how you respond to everything in your experience. Do you get frustrated, are you impatient or do things flow pretty easily most of the time? Life is merely a reflection of you. Do your inner work when necessary and remember to celebrate the wonderful changes you have already created in your life.

Today my intention is to live completely immersed within the Now, knowing that my future is bright, joyous and secure.

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