Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary

Even the most mundane aspects of life can be transformed into powerful spiritual work. Daily tasks provide an opportunity to bring mindfulness to the little things we do and when we practice working, loving, eating and even walking from a higher state of consciousness, the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Should you find yourself feeling challenged by someone who is caught in lower vibrational energies such a grief, fear or anger, you can utilize a compassionate, non-judgmental neutrality and observe how it shifts the entire interaction. When we create space within our relationships, we honor the other person’s path while seeking our own lesson. The ego may often want to try to solve their problem, and that is simply a distraction which blocks us from seeing ourselves clearly.

I’ve discovered that when I hold conscious space, often the person will vent, talk it out and come to their own solution. Patience, and the willingness to accept someone where they are creates a space in which a transformation can occur.

Don’t try to fix your friends and family – there can be moments when our breakthroughs are so beautiful and empowering, that we desire to share them with those who are so obviously suffering. Actions speak powerfully and when your love and peacefulness is recognized, people may ask for your guidance. Then, you can share without being attached to the outcome. Many times your words will plant seeds that spark awareness of the Divine.

Today my intention is to be grateful. I choose to receive the blessings that life has to offer with an open heart.

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