You set the stage

The more quiet the mind, the more focused you become. Tasks flow more smoothly and you’ll begin to realize that you do have enough time to live a life which is empowered, fulfilling and peaceful. Indeed, this is your true birthright.

Consider the amount of Divine energy which flows through you each moment of the day. Worry, frustration, thoughts, doubts, anxiety and all the patterns of old conditioning siphon off that precious energy. Picture the difference in the flow of a hose filled with holes and kinks and one that is working properly. When we learn to place all of our attention on the task at hand, we are directing the flow of consciousness into whatever we choose to do.

When you begin your day with gratitude, mediation and loving, healthy choices, you set the stage in which a beautiful day can unfold. If you wake up and immediately begin to anticipate problems, catch up on the news, chase the kids and don’t take the time to nurture yourself, you set the stage for a day filled with chaos.

The Universe will provide you with any experience that you wish. Why not seek peace within first, set an intention and then look for opportunities to celebrate who you are and how far you have come? Perhaps you’ll find yourself sneaking a wink in the mirror as you realize that you love and accept yourself completely in this moment.

Today my intention is to embrace every aspect of my journey with joyful enthusiasm. I am creating the life of my dreams and living it Now.

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