The power of intention

Intention. Expectation. Action.

That’s Right! My world is a reflection of my beliefs   
 What we think has a powerful impact on how we interpret the world. We create the filters through which we experience life and they change as our consciousness expands.

Every moment offers an opportunity to open your perception. When a limiting thought arises, typically feeling very accurate, ask yourself, “What else could be true?” or “What else is possible?” For instance, if we react to the present moment with anger, thinking that someone has intentionally wronged us, all the energy follows that limiting thought. It repeats, energy flows, and eventually creates a ripple in the auric field that gathers more energy whenever a similar situation arises. When you open to other possibilities, the energy fans out in multiple directions at once instead of reinforcing the limiting belief. Do this enough and you begin to heal the old wounds.

Consider the belief that life loves and supports you. Start sending energy down that train of thought whenever you can. Let it be a mantra that lifts you up to new levels of being. You are more powerful than you realize.

Today my intention is to be be conscious of my words. Knowing that they create my reality, I choose to expect the very best.

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