Our shared journey

This moment is all that matters.

That’s Right! The pathway to love is forgiveness. I lovingly release the past and turn my attention to this new day   
 Spiritual practice is always about forgiveness. As we loosen our desire to carry a particular story, we learn to release the resentment so treasured by the ego. Forgiveness is something that also must be directed inward. It’s important to understand that everyone is our reflection. The ideas we cling to are born from our own limited thinking and beliefs.

Everyone experiences the present moment as best as they can based upon their life path, soul age, imprinting and level of consciousness. The realization of the shared pain of humanity serves as a reminder that people often act from a place of fear, seeking to protect themselves. From the egos point of view, it is easier to project fear and blame outward than to go within to explore unhealed wounds.

You are a child of the Universe… more than that, you are the Universe seeking to experience love through the illusion of separation. Our role is to see beyond the illusion to the truth which guides us all toward awakening.

Today my intention is to honor all paths as sacred. We are all simply walking one another home.

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