This is the moment of transformation

No matter what you choose to do, be fully present.

That’s Right! This is the moment of transformation         
The key to raising consciousness is to be aware of how the body is experiencing the Now. Bring your full attention to every step and every movement often throughout the day. Breathe consciously, immerse yourself within the task at hand. Even the act of pouring a glass of water can be transformed into powerful spiritual practice through mindfulness.

The more attention you bring to your state of being, the higher your vibrational frequency becomes. This moment is exactly what is required for your spiritual growth and all of life supports your journey.

If the present moment is distasteful to you, you have three options: change it, leave it or accept it. If you have done your best to shift a challenging situation (always beginning with your own perceptions and responses), you must then accept it or remove yourself from it. No matter what you decide, you’ll discover that bringing consciousness to your life choices will move you into greater empowerment.

Today my intention is to be fully present. The appropriate answer, resource or action will make itself known at the perfect time.

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