The power of gratitude

Happiness comes from within.

That’s right! I am grateful for every experience and every person in my life 

When our focus transitions to gratitude, the shift in consciousness profoundly changes our experience. We become the observer, love becomes the guiding principle and we begin to break free from the restrictions and limitations of ego-generated thought.

Make a conscious attempt to incorporate teachings that have sparked your awareness into every aspect of your life. This will change your perception and instead of seeing challenges and conflicts as obstacles, your attention will consistently be on your inner growth. As you change, the world around you is transformed.

Joy is a way of life and a way of relating to life. It moves you into a space of limitless possibility. A calm mind, simply at ease and content in the present moment, raises your energy to new levels… and from there, anything is possible.

Today, my intention is to choose joy.

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