Love, live gently, let go

Your life is a reflection of the love you have for yourself.

That’s right! Every moment presents an opportunity to become more of who I am

Life provides opportunities to cultivate the most beautiful aspects of your personality. If you seek to become more compassionate, circumstances will arise which call upon you to behave compassionately. If you wish to be more courageous, the Universe will conspire on your behalf to allow you the ability to explore that aspect of your personality.

To love, to live gently, to let go of people, things or ideas when appropriate – these three options reside at the core of every situation we experience. If you observe your life as it unfolds, you’ll discover this to be true. See your life as a journey of transformation and exploration into the limitless possibilities of the Self.


Today, my intention is to be gentle and kind with myself as I grow and change.

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