Chop wood, carry water

Reside in the fullness of the present moment. Do what must be done and rekindle the flames of gratitude.

That’s right! I choose to walk through life with ease and grace

The mind can overwhelm by dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. The key to living an awakened life is to honor what must be done in the Now. Enlightenment will not change the things we must do on our daily walk; however, it will completely transform how we approach our tasks.

Gratitude sparks awareness of the sacredness of all life. When you choose to be fully anchored in the present moment, it’s easier to recognize the beauty that resides all around you. Help to heal the planet and one another through conscious acts of compassion and kindness.

Let your life be your message. Whether you’re composing a piece of music or washing the dishes, be fully present. Honor the life force that lives through you.


Today, my intention is to simply be my unique self. Sacredness comes from being consciously aligned with my inner strength and quietly effective in my own life.

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