Love and expectation

Unconditional love is born out of the momentum of joy.
That’s right! I am willing to love unconditionally, beginning with myself
Stillness can be accessed in many ways – through quieting the mind, acceptance, honoring anothers path or knowing your true value. It allows us to discover the joys of giving without attachment.Practice ways in which you can consciously bring love to challenging situations. Perhaps you’ve reached an impasse with a loved one – how easy would it be to set aside your differences and choose to be kind? When working with people whose values significantly differ from your own – how would it feel to look beyond the roles being played in this lifetime to the infinite spark of the Divine within them?

Consciousness compels us to transform the mundane aspects of our journey into moments of enlightenment. Instead of waiting for elusive or profound experiences of inspiration and Divine connection, you’ll discover that you can find all the truth you require reflected in millions of tiny ways all around you. If you seek love, you will certainly find it in your experience.


Today, my intention is to recognize that my love is not a need, but a divine sharing of kindness and compassion.

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