Your words have power

Your words have power.

That’s right! I create change by expecting the very best out of life

How often do you hear yourself or others say things like:

It’s too hard
There’s never enough time
I’m broke
I always get sick this time of year
Life isn’t fair

…and then you witness it play out again and again?

Words are habitual and it can be challenging to recognize where these mantras of limitation began – we often pick them up from others around us. It’s important to remember that form follows energy.

Purposely choose to become more aware of what you send out into the Universe. You are an unlimited being of light and all things are possible.  Transformation begins when we keep our words, thoughts and actions aligned with what we want to occur rather than putting precious energy into creating blockages and limitation.

So, make empowering choices when you speak:

Everything flows together perfectly
There’s more than enough time

Let your actions support your desires:

Over tip others and treat yourself well
Be joyful and recognize your abundance

Don’t limit the flow of miracles in your experience – be willing to receive and engage life’s magic and live the life of your dreams now.

Today, my intention is to be fearless. I know that life supports my words and actions.

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