The obstacle is the path

With a peaceful heart, you can transform the world.
That’s Right! Whatever I’m guided to do will be a success
As we undertake the journey of awakening, the place to begin is the realization that we’re all in it together. Our positive intention and compassion can transform any situation.
You have the freedom to choose to bring love to your experience. Healing is possible. Change is possible. Together we can find ways of bringing mindful intention to our life circumstances. Some souls will enter your life to provide insight, others the opportunity to practice your evolving skills, and yet others to act as recipients as you share your acquired knowledge.
Consider a recent challenge or conflict you’ve experienced. For a moment, simply observe how you approached the situation and consider if a more loving intention or action is possible. If so, visualize yourself reentering the situation while staying true to this new vision – what would you say or do differently, if anything? This process opens up higher aspects of your energy and potential. Remember, the obstacle is the path – face it with love.
Today my intention is to celebrate the fact that I constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at the world.
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