Nothing is lacking

All is well.
That’s Right! Divine peace and harmony surround me at all times
The mind creates moments of dissatisfaction or longing. When we get lost in the story, we lose that which is most important – our state of consciousness in the Now. Realize that all you need is already here. What you believe you lack, you can provide. Our circumstances don’t create disappointment – only our perspective can do that.
Once we realize that the present moment lacks nothing, we can work on ensuring that our thoughts, expectations and beliefs reflect that basic truth. Sometimes, we need to bring ourselves present again and again until we break the habit of believing that some future moment can be better than what we have access to in the Now.
Breathe the air, celebrate the beauty of the day, be grateful for those who have crossed your path, honor your teachers and laugh with joyful expectation. All you fear is an illusion. As an Divine being, moments of self-doubt or perceptions of unfulfilled achievement pale in comparison to the infinite connection and Oneness that awaits. In the meantime, you have the ability to choose how you will experience this moment. Choose joy.
Today my intention is to remember that the pathway to love is forgiveness. I lovingly release the past and turn my attention to this new day.
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