Inner knowledge and integrity

What do you tell yourself every day?
That’s Right! I move beyond old limitations and now feel free to express myself creatively and authentically

Your thoughts and beliefs create your perception of reality, and by extension, your physical experiences. Do you tell yourself that life is hard or easy? Do you expect to be disappointed or enchanted? Can you move beyond the limitations of the mind into the realm of infinite possibility or do you believe you are trapped…?
All that you seek is already here. There is no reason to search outside of yourself for answers; however, there is a real and definitive need to find effective ways to see beyond the mechanisms of fear and the stories created by the mind.
You are enough. You have chosen to be here now for a specific purpose. You touch the lives of others and share your gifts in vibrant and unique ways. Never doubt the beauty of the mystery in which you live. In moments of indecision, let your choices be led by love, joy, passion and integrity knowing that all else will take care of itself.
Today my intention is to be grateful for every moment that has taught me, added to my growth and allowed me to experience unconditional love.
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