The obstacle is the path

Difficulties are not obstacles on the spiritual path –
they are the path.

That’s right! Every situation contains a gift 

Many people believe that they can’t be happy because their life is difficult. It’s actually the opposite: you can’t be truly happy until your life is difficult.

Challenges allow us to discover our strengths, our ability to forgive, to heal old wounds and show us how far we have come on the path of transformation. When things get particularly intense, it can seem that nothing we’ve learned on the spiritual journey seems relevant. But the challenges are the journey. When pain arises, you have the opportunity to discover how to open your heart and face your fears in the midst of it.

When you reach a point where you think you can go no further, take one more step forward and bring one more conscious breath into the heart. Love yourself enough to understand that is all that is required.

Let your life be your message. Bring all the gifts that you have cultivated so far to the challenges you experience. One by one, you’ll discover that you have the ability to transcend perceived limitation while honoring the path as sacred.

Today, my intention is to bless the challenges that I’ve faced along the journey. Every circumstance and person in my life has played an integral part in my awakening... and I am grateful.

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