The message of Owl

Last night I was visited by Owl, keeper of wisdom and mysteries. The calls of two coming together in communication filled the air and it was wonderful to hear them hooting in the dark. Since the number two represents a unity that comes from a meeting of the minds, this tells me that new knowledge is available if I remain open and receptive.

The dance of wisdom inspires us to search in unusual places for insight and answers. Owl is a wonderful reminder to make friends with the night… that in the darkness we can see much differently that we normally do.

Often our judgment causes us to align with a particular way of being or thinking. It blocks our ability to learn, connect or receive. Remember to see past the mechanisms of the mind to the truth which lies within every situation. Beyond dark and light lies the infinite love of the Divine. As spiritual seekers, we benefit greatly from being open to whatever life offers residing in the knowledge that there is always something new to learn.

Today my intention is to listen.

Posted in Wow Moment.