The fusion of opposites

Integration is the fusion of opposites. What we once perceived as the duality of life – dark and light, good and bad, feminine or masculine – now becomes a dance of Oneness. Night does not oppose day, rather they form a united whole that blends endlessly with one another. We are the union of unique facets we discover as we walk the Path of Transformation. The seeds for all expressions of life live within us and we are the embodiment of the integration.

This new blend of expression allows for a new life, perception and a mystical union with the Divine. An experience is something that we journal about or a memory that we keep safely tucked within the mind. Experiencing is living with a sense of wonder and gratitude, discovering the connectedness with all that surrounds us while we reach out in reverence to greet each moment.

Give life the opportunity to surprise you, to respond to you and to lead you in new directions of expression. The voice of the Divine is everywhere calling you home to the peace of your heart. Release yourself from all expectation and recognize that you have your own dreams to fulfill and discoveries to make. When we release that which no longer serves our growth, all that remains is the truth.

Today my intention is to be gentle and kind with myself as I grow and change.

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