Opportunities to cultivate new knowledge

In order to cultivate a particular attribute or skill, we must integrate the new knowledge by putting it into practice in our daily lives. No matter where you are on the journey of awakening, the Universe will lovingly supply myriad opportunities which allow you to grow. Whether looking to become more patient, forgiving, compassionate, courageous or accepting, awareness reminds you to seek the lessons and consciously utilize them to help you grow.

If you want to become more loving, you may draw in people who are difficult to love. It is the experience of witnessing the transformation of energy that emits from the core of your being that fully anchors the lesson. Those who seek to create abundance may initially create challenges around money that bring clarity to their limiting beliefs and actions. As our thoughts transform, our physical experience will reflect the new beliefs and life will begin to flow differently.

When working within the challenging areas of worthiness and self-love, you may face critical people and judgmental attitudes that teach you the art of living in your truth without attachment or needing validation from an outside source. And lastly, there will always an opportunity to share your insights and knowledge. Articulating the story, search, experience and new perceptions will finish the process of integration… and then we move on to the next level.

Today my intention is to remember that there is always something new to learn.

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