Frequency Holders

Some people are here to play the role of Frequency Holder. Their purpose is to facilitate the growth of others by providing a calm sense of security and safety for those around them. These beautiful beings quietly walk among us creating safe space, and should you find yourself in that position, realize the value your mere presence brings.

Since each situation affects beings of all vibrational levels – from fear to bliss, and everything in between – the Frequency Holder provides a compassionate response by being willing to listen without judgment. Instinctively, they do not get drawn into drama or negativity but simply remain a source of love during challenging times. Strangers feel safe in sharing their life story and the uninitiated inadvertently cling to them because of their calm energy.

If this is your role (whether temporarily or throughout your entire lifetime), remember to lovingly define your boundaries. Take care of your balance – mind, soul and body – and replenish your energy often. Know that your presence, your outlook and your guidance play a significant part in the ongoing evolution of the planet.

Today my intention is to celebrate life and radiate warmth and love.


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