Life responds to you

All of life responds to you. From the way you create relationships – with others, the world, concepts and possibilities – to how you experience your work and passion to the way you nurture yourself… you set the stage. Your thoughts have power and as you release those that are limiting or damaging, you’ll have the freedom to create something entirely new. Along the way, others come in to assist us in this healing process. Patterns repeat, we replay various circumstances which provide opportunities to recognize the limitations that we were taught or inferred as children. What we attract mirrors our beliefs.

Running away (physically, mentally, or emotionally) will never clear a pattern. We must turn and face our challenges consciously. Doing so teaches empowerment and as we change, the world around us is transformed. Know that deep in the center of your being is an infinite well of love… and limitless possibilities await.

Today my intention is to live totally in the Now, experiencing each moment as the profound expression of the Divine in physical form.

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