Staying true to your path

Nothing will bring you greater joy than living in your integrity. When you are in balance and staying true to your unique path, an inner sense to peace and joy takes over your being which far outweighs any opposition you may encounter (whether internal or external). Some people get distracted by the perceived complexities of daily living – keeping up with the bills, working hard, playing harder, and many postpone fulfilling the true purpose of their existence. This world is our playground. It is a construct which allows us to evolve – lifetime after lifetime, learning a little more each time around – until we discover our Oneness with one another and with the Divine.

Everything in your experience is arranged to aid you in this process of awakening to your infinite nature. Layer by layer old energy is released, making way for something new to emerge. We learn to utilize our mind as a tool instead of allowing it to rule our lives and seek fulfillment in the Now. No matter how you choose to walk the journey, you will ultimately discover the beauty which once seemed to elude you. The higher your vibration, the simpler things become. You will find that you no longer get entwined within distraction (those periods becoming shorter and shorter until they fade away completely) and bring this calm sense of purpose to all that you do.

You are a master in the process of awakening… as are we all.

Today my intention is to become one with the energy of the air, the mountains, the trees and creatures of the earth… and love.

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