The journey of awakening

The journey of awakening is a sacred place. Each step we take is important during this time of movement and change. When you can approach your life with a sense of openness and adventure, this attitude of acceptance invites new friends, insight and experiences into your world.

Allow your choices to be led by joy. Seek fulfillment in the present moment rather than waiting to achieve a specific outcome. While our goals and desires open the door to new experiences, it’s equally important to be at ease with the unexpected. Detours and obstacles simply mean that the work is still in progress and much can be discovered in these unforeseen avenues of exploration.

The energy of the Divine resides within you. In moments of silence, we can tap into this limitless source of energy, inspiration and stillness. No matter what changes flow throughout your experience, this connection remains the same and you can consciously access it throughout the journey, bringing a sense of aliveness and peace to every situation.

Today my intention is to be at peace with this moment. I move forward with confidence and ease knowing that all is well in my future.

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