Engaging life’s magic

When hardships arise we have choices: complain, be resentful, blame others or face the challenge and grow from it. Passion for life leads us out of darkness and into the light of consciousness. Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the ability to move forward in spite of it… joyfully discovering our own strength in the process.

Nothing is guaranteed and at times we may feel like the “knowns” of our past are safer; however, as we drop perceived security and take risks in our own experience, we begin our dance with the unknown and the limitless possibilities which await. On this amazing journey, planning and over-analyzing won’t create a new reality. We must take steps toward our goals each and every day. Show up, expand, do whatever it takes to put yourself in the realm of receptivity. Life’s magic will meet you there.

Today my intention is to remember that my thoughts, beliefs, words and actions create my reality. I am willing to receive a miracle.


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