Seeking wholeness

In order to experience wholeness within our relationships, we must first find it within ourselves. All life is a reflection of our internal dialogue, and our experiences are processed through the filters of our understanding. So, if you should find yourself feeling that no one understands you, seek to understand yourself. When you feel unloved or disrespected, remember that life is your mirror and seek wholeness within yourself.

The converse is also true… on those days when you notice that everyone is pleasant and helpful, you can be assured that those qualities are being cultivated within. Pay attention to the things you experience, what you complain about,what makes you happy and observe. Awareness creates the space in which a transformation can occur and we can be the change we wish to see.

Today my intention is to remember that love resides at the core of everything. Whether I’m discovering new facets of my abilities, walking in gratitude, interacting with the people in my life or enjoying the smile of a dog, I will seek wholeness in this moment.

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