Moments of transformation

Many people fear change, and yet we crave freedom from the patterns that have kept us from experiencing joy. This push/pull of energy is the ancient and infinite dance between the known and the unknown, balancing contrasts, and learning how to create comfort within the multiple realms of vulnerability. As we release the layers of old energy one by one, the resulting transformation sparks an awaking of our ability to be a conscious co-creator on the journey. We learn to trust ourselves, to recognize the mechanisms of the mind and rise above the ego to a space of peace and awareness.

Be aware that the beliefs most resistant to change are what need to be observed the most. When we’ve lived with a particular idea for a long time, it becomes an underlying part of our false personality (sometimes called maya) and directs our course. The willingness to consistently learn from life allows these static ideas to transform or drop away. There, you will find the stillness at the core of your true being.

When you walk in gratitude today, pay attention to the lessons of nature. She is in a constant state of change, moving through the seasons – all necessary aspects of the cycle – symbiotically intertwined with all life. Every moment becomes a moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to rise above all limitations knowing that I am divinely guided and inspired.

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