Love exists beyond the conditioning and expectations that we cultivated in our youth. As we mature, we begin to experience the unique individuality of the other person. Intimacy opens the possibility of celebration and renewal as we delve deeper into the mystery of connection and compassion.

Those we love act as our mirrors, often showing us the unhealed aspects of our personality. From there, we can utilize the gifts of relationship as the supporting process of our journey toward wholeness. Authentic love is based upon giving and compassion rather than need or expectation. See those whom you love as facilitators of your growth and allow yourself to move higher into the realm of oneness.

Buddha defined compassion as “love plus meditation.” In our mindfulness, we discover the limitless potential which awaits within our interactions with one another. Let your love be a sharing and give simply for the love of giving. Then, add gratitude and awareness into the mix and see where it leads you.

Today my intention is to joyfully accept everyone in my life exactly as they are without any desire, expectation or neediness.

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