Emotional wounds

Many people wear a sort of psychic armor as protection in order to avoid being hurt. They carry a load of anger and lash out at others in an attempt to keep them from getting too close; however, this behavior actually blocks all healing energy from soothing the emotional wounds that they carry. It’s time to stop fighting. There is an infinite amount of love available – enough to transform and uplift each and every being on the planet, if only they would let it in.

See those who seethe with anger through the eyes of compassion. They have yet to discover the joys of forgiveness and worthiness and continue to struggle with the idea that it’s acceptable to be fulfilled and happy.

Moment to moment the spiritual seeker leaves the past behind seeking to carry nothing forward but faith and purity and trust. Once the energetic cords to the past have been transformed and released, they live in harmony with the Now, knowing that the Universe supports unconditionally and adventures await.

Today my intention is to follow my bliss knowing that all things work toward my highest good.

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