Releasing control

When we attempt to control the world around us, the energy we emit creates a rigidity of the soul that’s difficult to penetrate. These structures of thought may present themselves in our lives as a feeling of tenseness, grinding of teeth, forgetting to breathe… It’s time to allow spontaneity and vulnerability to enter our lives. If mistakes happen, that’s ok. When life seems like a wild ride, it’s ok. There’s much to be discovered by entering uncharted territory.

Allow your encounters to be authentic. Listen more. Take time to breathe and feel the energies that swirl around you. This is the moment of transformation. No matter what space you’re in right now, know that it will evolve into something different if you are willing to accept new energy into your experience.

Today my intention is to remember that I have greater access to my power when I live in a space of acceptance and surrender. This moment is filled with infinite possibility.

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