Creating peace in the Now

The light of the Infinite shines through you. It cannot be lost, though sometimes we can feel that it is lost to us. All too often we become entangled in thought, creating a jumble of conflicting ideas and worries while we try to meet the impossible demands that we place on ourselves. Throughout it all, the light shines on, patiently waiting to come to the surface when we find a healing outlet that releases all this excess, useless energy. When tensions build within you, it’s important to move the physical body in order to shake up your energy and allow it to move more freely. If we wait too long, the universe will manufacture an event that will serve the same purpose; however, there is no need to wait for such intensity to cleanse the air. As soon as you notice stress and tension building, do something about it.

Meditation is a powerful tool that can keep you sane in an intense world. We need to reconnect often to the source of the Divine which resides within us. Go beyond all you see and know in this life and realize the infinite majesty of your being. The challenges of our lives direct us inward to the source of peace and connection and there are always new levels to explore.

Today my intention is to immerse myself in the light, love and laughter of the Universe.

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