I hold no cherished outcome

In the depths of experience, we can choose to remain free from attachment and carry a sense of inner balance with us wherever we go. To hold no cherished outcome means that we learn to release the expectations we have formed regarding others, ourselves or situations. The mind becomes attached to illusions, an idea or an end result and sometimes we have no idea that the attachment has occurred until things don’t go our way and we feel disappointed.

Disappointment is an indicator that we need to go within and take responsibility for our own state of consciousness. No one can make us happy or unhappy – that is a self-imposed interpretation of a situation or outcome. Each of us can choose how we respond to life.

When you can rest in the fullness of who you are, you cultivate a greater understanding of the infinite nature of wholeness. In the stillness and acceptance of what is, we welcome a new quality of life. See if you can spend some time today simply being aware and content witnessing the beauty of Now. See how life comes to greet you – sometimes in the form of a gentle breeze, a smile from a stranger, unconditional love from a pet or simply being at ease within yourself.  Whatever you choose to do, do it from this space of awareness.

Today my intention is to slow down and savor this moment.

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