There are times when all we can do is wait. Perhaps you’ve stated a desire, created a vision board, sent intentions out into the Universe or simply planted a seed of a change in consciousness within you. In moments of action we find the ability to focus, we do our best, knock on doors and stay positive. Sometimes the waiting is the hardest part; however, if you can remain in a state of open and expectant awareness, you’ll be ready to move forward once the momentum shifts into movement once again.

As humans playing in time and space we often find ourselves thinking that things move too slow… or too fast. Remember that every expression of life has its own phases of coming to fruition. We plant the seed, nurture it in those precious days of beginning vulnerability, and then provide the space in which it can grow. We have almost forgotten the treasure of allowing in our quest to achieve everything in a hurry.

In the silence of waiting and patience, the energy and vitality of your authentic being continues to grow within you… until one day you emerge into the wholeness of existence, transformed, able to see the beauty of life in all it’s dimensions and discover a new way of looking at the world. All is well.

Today my intention is to remember that each and every step is guided by the Divine and all things will unfold perfectly in the way that is most beneficial for my growth.

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