The interconnectedness of evolution

Your energy adds something unique and powerful to the whole. Even though we each walk our own path, there are many who play their roles to perfection in order to help us grow. Everyone has a part to play.

Because of our interconnectedness, there is a spiral of support which flows throughout our lives and in our acceptance of kindness and assistance, we are also helping others. Many believe that one aspect of spiritual growth is to manifest everything on their own; however, older souls realize the value in knowing when to ask for help or provide it understanding that the Universe can work miracles through anyone or anything.

See yourself as Divine light. If there is still any self-judgment, observe it, look past the story and bring yourself back (again and again, if necessary) to acceptance. Grace is yours; however, you must be willing to receive it.

The only difference between a murderer and a master is that they are in different stages of their souls evolution. With greater awareness, we command greater self-responsibility. We learn to see without judgment, walk without being paralyzed by fear and stand in our integrity.

See yourself through the filter of limitless possibility. Imagine each through, word and action flowing out into the Universe with incredible force – only to return ten-fold. It’s time to drop any fear and reach out in love toward one another.

Today my intention is to be willing to receive.

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