Joy comes from within

Each of us is responsible for our own joy. It’s not the obligation of our partners, parents, children, boss or life circumstance to “make” us happy and fulfilled. Rather, happiness comes from developing our own inner richness and spiritual maturity. This infinite wellspring of energy, once discovered, will flow through you and change the way you receive the gifts that life has to offer.

Relationships provide us with the tools and experiences we need to release old patterns and programming. The more clear you become, the less intense your emotional reactions will be. This peacefulness then becomes a way of life. We view circumstances from a higher perception and share this new way of being with the world.

Periodically, a spiritual breakthrough of shift in energy may result in some clearing being done by the body. This is to release any toxic energy that may have been held in your energetic field. Other times, the intention and focus on healing a specific area of your life may briefly cause that issue to come to the forefront. Approach either of these circumstances with the knowledge that you are in the process of releasing things which no longer serve you. Once it rises to the surface, it’s easier to observe and consciously free yourself.

When we no longer feel the need to hide from ourselves or others, we enter a state of acceptance and openness – freedom. This wholeness will set you free.

Today my intention is to celebrate those who grace my life with their presence. I am grateful for the love, the lessons and the gifts that have awakened true joy within me.

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