The healing power of acceptance

     Whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual, all healing requires an attitude of openness and acceptance. As deeply buried wounds rise to the surface it’s important to learn to allow ourselves to be vulnerable and open in order to receive the love of the Universe. All too often, the tendency is to hold onto old energies out of regret or guilt until one feels worthy of being whole, balanced and healthy. However, it’s important to remember that health is not the absence of illness, it is the state of being undefeated by illness, seeing our challenges as teachers and part of the process of awakening.
     Spend the day accepting whatever comes with an open heart and see what happens. Perhaps you’ll feel a flow of vibrant new energy or notice that your body responds differently to things which once caused stress and tension. There’s no need to wait. Find ways to celebrate the joy within you that wishes to be expressed. There are many opportunities to smile, share, hug, console and support for you, dear one, are a temple of light.
     Awareness heals. In meditation, ask your body what it needs. In the stillness, you might be surprised at the answer that comes. Empowering perception and healthy choices arise from consciousness – it is our unconsciousness, our repeating patterns and feelings of disconnection which create imbalance. Gratitude in the present moment is the doorway to joy and you may discover that you have much to offer.
     Today my intention is to allow all life to flow to me with ease and grace.
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