Your purpose is to awaken

Your purpose is to awaken. How you choose to accomplish that, and the successes and defeats you encounter along the way are immaterial. Certainly the ego will attach great significance to the world of form; however, the soul desires only experience, expansion and wholeness. Each of us must remember that what we see in the world is an expression of what is projected from within and our role is to observe and release all that blocks us from unconditional love.

I have often heard people say that they want to leave their mark on the world or create something tangible (a book, scientific discovery, invention, successful children…) that will live on, and indeed many will do so. But the remnants of our sojourn here are essentially meaningless next to the bliss of Oneness which awaits.

The state of mind is always in a state of constant movement and distraction… work, run, fear, shout, hope… always reaching for tomorrow. This constant reaching ensures that we miss the most sacred and beautiful experience of all – the Now. This is not to say that you won’t accomplish amazing things, change lives or find freedom from distress, for you most certainly will. However, the power lies in focusing all your energy here and now – giving your full attention to what you have created in this moment, loving where you are and taking one conscious step forward from there.

As our dreams fade upon awakening, so too does the intensity of this incarnation upon our transition and life review. When we step back with those we love to witness the tapestry of our existence together, there is only gratitude, love and the desire to redress any imbalance. And so we come together again and again, the residue of the past lingering in our energy and soul memories, the desire to fulfill our soul’s purpose outweighing all else, moving ever higher in consciousness and joy. Our purpose is to awaken.

Today my intention is to seek love in every situation, and when it cannot immediately be found, may I discover the capacity to bring love wherever it is needed.

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