The integration of energy

There are many dimensions of life available to you now – the known (physical, tangible reality that we experiences through the five senses), the unmanifested (the world of spirit and energy), and the exquisite blend of energies that process through you. You are the unique spark of life which allows the Divine to experience all aspects of the physical world and you are being given the opportunity to expand your perception.

Witness the blend of dark and light, the contrast of highs and lows and open yourself to the idea that everything (and everyone) plays its perfect part in the integration of energies. As you experience balance and healing in your own world, you’ll begin to notice it also in the world around you. This expansion of perception is something that has always been there, though you must be in balance in order to perceive it.

Now is the time to come home to yourself. In the silence of the present moment, stop and breathe. See if you can create a space of stillness in which you connect to the stillness of the Universe. The understanding and insights you receive will manifest later on when you enter a more active phase. The world is constantly changing; however, this silence is eternal – the joy of it remains the same and is always there for you to experience.

Today my intention is to quiet the mind, open the heart and accept the miracles which abound in my world.

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