Transcending the levels of consciousness

     When I was 15 and filled with teenage angst, I wrote a melancholy song called …And Everything You Love Will Fade Away. I had been soul searching, questioning my spiritual beliefs and residing in the lower levels of consciousness… grief, anger and despair. I poured my heart into my piano and my creativity, unknowingly absorbed in the act of observing, feeling my feelings and healing the pain I chose to carry.
     As I transcend through the levels of consciousness, I often revisit the idea of impermanence. What once caused consternation now opens infinite vistas of possibility and love. Our fleeting interactions become gateways to eternity. The tangible things which come and go in our lives have far less importance than the joy with which we greet them and the ease with which we bid them adieu.
     All vibrational frequencies in the lower levels of consciousness are the result of a perceived disconnect from the Divine. Those that reside in the heavier expressions and perception drain the lifeforce from those around them. Once we cross the threshold of Awakening, we begin to move into new areas of exploration and empowerment and actively participate in the raising of consciousness of the planet. (We are one, after all… and here to help one another)
     When we release all expectation and live in the power of the present moment, it becomes easier to experience the beauty of our sojourn on this remarkable planet. With each step up the stairway to enlightenment – combining intention and observation – we have greater access to our ability to manifest and heal the unbalanced aspects of our lives.
     Welcome each moment with the knowledge that it is here to aid your journey on the Path of Transformation. Immerse yourself into the experience from the highest level of consciousness that you can. Know that each conscious step draws you closer to Oneness that is our ultimate destination.
     Today my intention is to be a loving witness to the sacred in all things.
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