The gifts of adversity

Those that challenge you the most on the physical plane love you the most on the spiritual place. Great gifts are resources are discovered when we go through adversity. Consider the souls that are willing to act in a manner that tests you on many levels. They run the risk of losing your love and friendship in this lifetime while serving a higher purpose in your souls growth.

Consciously think back on the challenges of your life, the disappointments, the struggle. Acknowledge the lessons you’ve learned, the skills you’ve developed and see if you can find aspects in each situation for which you can be thankful. You may have an “aha” moment, realizing the true purpose behind the interaction – conversely, keep in mind that you have likely acted as teacher as well.

The tapestry we weave together is one of brilliant design and mastery. Each circumstance and situation plays its part in the scheme of things. We dance in and out of one another’s awareness only to discover the purpose within the chaos and receive the gifts of spirit.

Sometimes the pattern is hard to see when we are too close to the situation. Distance lends perspective and the higher you raise your vibration, the greater your ability to discern more aspects that may have eluded you in the past. Never doubt the purpose and beauty of your experience here and remember that the greater the challenge, the greater the gift that is waiting to be discovered.

Today my intention is to transform past challenges into light with my compassion and insight.

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