Stepping into personal freedom

When we break the chains of expectation and imprinting, we become aligned with the Divine. This movement of empowerment can be frightening to some – people can be very afraid of someone who grows the wings to fly into an entirely new way of being. They see the free spirit as one who is rebellious because they are unwilling to fight against anyone or anything and simply live in accordance with their true nature.

It’s time to be courageous enough to take responsibility for our own joy and live aligned with higher consciousness. One who is enlightened cannot be enslaved by others or by situations. Instead, he or she lives as a global citizen, seeking wholeness and sharing new perceptions.

See where you may have created rigidness and structure within your experience. When our world is too orderly and perfect, we do not allow space for spontaneity or vulnerability – two amazing teachers. There is much more to life than control. Release attachment to cherished outcomes and feel the energy of the Universe flow through you into the delightful chaos of your awakening.

There is a vast and infinite amount of energy available Now. We are able to tap into it, not by planning or thinking, but by being centered and silent enough to allow it to flow through us. This transformation of energy into light and love connects you to your potential. From this space of inner power, compassion emerges.

Your awakening sends waves of energy throughout your life. Should you encounter opposition from those around you, recognize it as an indicator that you are shifting yet again. Be patient and kind with those who may fear your freedom – it’s a new kind of experience for those who have worked so hard to create the illusion of control in their lives. Lead the way, dear one. You have infinite levels left to explore.

Today my intention is to live the life of my dreams.

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