Saying yes to life

Whenever you have a strong emotional reaction to a situation, person or idea, it’s an indication that there is something that is ready to shift within you. Noticing our responses doesn’t require any type of thinking, self-judgment or analysis. Rather, we shine the light of consciousness by the act of observation. Instead of trying to change the situation, we choose to change our relationship to it.

Saying yes to life requires nothing more than a conscious return to love. We learn to navigate through the highs and low with faith. We seek answers only to discover that they resided within us all along. We draw in the teachers that hold up a mirror to remind us of our divinity and the limitless possibilities that are available once we choose to get out of our own way.

Keep things simple. Find the word or idea which brings peace into your experience and aligns you with the Divine. Return to it again and again. Fill your life with its fragrance and discover the freedom that joy brings.

Ask, “What do I have to offer?” Be your authentic self and share your gifts. This is the moment of transformation.

Today my intention is to choose to love what is.

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