Living in the vibration of love

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to reside in the vibration of authentic love? Instead of observing and releasing the egoic response to life, one would simply be in a space of acceptance and kindness. There would be no need to readjust one’s perception – love is unconditional, unchanging and permanent.

Of course, this a goal for many spiritual seekers. We begin our path of healing by asking, “How can I love someone who has harmed me? How can I love those who actively participate in atrocities or live controlled by the need for greed or power?” The desire to seek healing awakens the process of awareness.

The egoic idea of love fluctuates between love and hate (hate stemming from pride or disappointment), worry and relief, judgment and acceptance and thus was actually based upon an expected outcome created by the ego masquerading as love. This is why so many people become confused. When love can shift so dramatically, it wasn’t initially achieved in the first place.

Loving is a way of being. It is a way of relating to the world from a higher state of consciousness which shifts the energy of those around you. This is why many people enjoy being in the presence of high level spiritual teachers – it raises their own frequency and they carry it for a time before getting drawn back into the highs and lows of life. It is a wonderful exercise to imagine what a permanent and authentic loving response to life would be like – the process of visualization and actualization will cause it to be expressed through you.

Love is global and rises above the differences of human expression. We learn to see through the mechanisms of the ego and the barriers between us dissolve. According to Hawkins in Power vs Force, “…it dissolves negativity by recontextualizing it rather than by attacking it.” When you learn how to allow for a new perception, a higher perception, you are cultivating the art of love and acceptance. The more you bring this energy into your life and experience, the easier it will be to return there again and again until it is your natural way of being.

Today my intention is to love – everyone, everything, all the time.

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