The effects of Doubt in our experience

Trust the processes of your awakening.
That’s Right! I now choose to release every negative, destructive, fearful idea and thought from my mind and my life
Fear stops us at the boundaries of our known world. This ego generated doubt blocks all potential and possibility from entering into our realm of experience. Even if you choose to take one conscious step forward, facing the fear, everything shifts. The difference between consciously experiencing fear and moving through it and being stopped from progressing is monumental.

Don’t judge yourself for being afraid. Let fear be a teacher so that it is transformed into a powerful aspect of your souls journey. When life presents challenges, we can give up or we can learn from them.

When others are trapped by fear, be compassionate. Nothing can be solved by frustration, impatience or anger. Rather, let your kindness create a space in which transformation can occur.

Today my intention is to know that whatever I am guided to do will be a success.
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