Each of us is responsible for our own joy

The thoughts of today plant the seeds of tomorrow’s experiences
That’s Right! My world is a reflection of my thoughts, actions and beliefs
Consider what you wish to create in your life. Are your choices leading toward your destination or away from it? The way to manifest your dreams is to live as if they have already manifested. Treat your job, home, partner and life situation as if it is your dream situation and life will rise up to meet you. Your happiness, gratitude, passion and inspiration will create a magnetic energy to draw more beauty into your experience.
The ego loves to play the game of “I can’t be in acceptance of my life situation, because then nothing will ever change….” however, nothing is further from the truth. In order to assess our choices from a space of clarity and consciousness, we must begin from a space that is free of resistance, anger or desperation.
The seeds of love and compassion will bloom in unexpected and magical ways. Tend your garden well. When weeds of anger or doubt crop up, attend to them immediately when they are small rather than waiting until they overrun all the beauty you are creating. Cultivate joy each and every day.
Today my intention is to remember that I am responsible for my own joy.
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