Walk with love

We are the caregivers of our magnificent planet.
That’s Right! I begin each day with gratitude
Together we participated in the creation of this amazing playground. Long before we chose to become human, we participated in the realms of time and space, spending eons as mountains, oceans, forests, cloud formations and so much more.

In human form, in the space of forgetfulness, we began our journey. Sometimes feeling the power of beautiful places, sometimes hearing whispers in the wind… over lifetimes, our level of consciousness determined how we viewed and treated the planet. Now, as we recognize the sacred in everyone and everything, we have once again become stewards of life.

Without judgment, treat each moment with love. The smallest actions such as cleaning trash on the street, helping a struggling insect out of a puddle, rescuing a puppy or organizing a neighborhood garden aligns you with the Divine.

Walk with purpose, kindness and compassion. Talk to the trees, dance with the wind, allow the soothing waters of mother earth to cool you… and love the moment you’re in.

Today my intention is to walk consciously.
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