The dance of contrast

Beauty lies in the contrast.
That’s Right! Everything serves a purpose
The world of form is filled with polarities which allow us to explore every aspect of experience. We are constantly moving within the dance of dark and light, health and imbalance, serenity and stress, joy and anger, abundance and poverty, etc.
Judgment typically occurs when we have yet to experience both aspects of a situation or when the ego attaches to one as “good” and the other as “bad.” Neutrality ensues when we have complete understanding and compassion through our personal experience. Some circumstances take lifetimes to explore, while others may presents themselves more quickly.
The whole point of coming to the physical plane is to learn. Intense experiences teach us in dramatic ways. When we approach situations with a high degree of consciousness, we are more easily able to discover nuances that are often missed when trapped in the grip of ego. Seek the value in the contrast and discover new aspects of yourself in the process.
Today my intention is to enjoy every aspect of the tapestry of life. We blend together in glorious ways.
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