Gratitude and empowerment

Gratitude creates space in which a transformation can occur.
That’s Right! I begin and end each day with gratitude and joy
You are the creator of your own reality. Each morning we enter a new realm of infinite possibility and we have the ability to set the tone for the day.
When you choose gratitude, two things are set in motion: you declare your willingness to take responsibility for your own joy and your energy raises to a higher vibration. Begin first thing – before your morning coffee, prior to checking your phone or turning on the tv – take a moment to walk outside and say out loud all the things for which you are grateful. Your voice brings a greater dimension to the energy you emit and waves of vital, positive intention flow out into the world. This is far more empowering than waking and planning the day, worrying about what might unfold or simply reacting to whatever is offered.
And in the midst of a challenge, you might just discover that you are aware enough to look for the gift in the situation. One way to transform frustrating energy is to purposely be grateful for whatever is unfolding, even if you can’t yet see the purpose or what you may be learning. The willingness to be grateful opens the door to greater understanding.
Today my intention is to celebrate. I am grateful for a life filled with love, unlimited potential and possibility.
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