There is much more to life than meets the eye

When it feels like things are falling apart, things are really falling together.
That’s Right! All things work towards my highest good
With our limited vision, it can be easy to only see things as they are; however, many layers of miracles are active in our lives at any given moment, and things are often far different than they appear.
Sometimes life seems to throw curve balls when we least expect it. No matter how much planning or intention has been put in place, unexpected challenges can send us off into new directions. Do not fight against this moment of energy. Often gifts lie just ahead – new friendships, discovering new strengths and abilities or simply cultivating the art of flexibility – and we can walk forward in faith knowing that we are safe and protected every step of the way.
Savor the exotic flavors of the unknown. Seek to explore new aspects of the self with a willingness to discover the joys that life has to offer – even in the midst of uncertainty. Adventures await!
Today my intention is to go with the flow
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