The beauty beyond labels

Choose to see beyond the roles that people play.
That’s Right! Everyone is my teacher
When we drop the labels that divide us and simply see all that unfolds as perfect, it opens us to new perception and understanding. As awakening beings, we know that all relationships provide us an opportunity to see our own shadows and beauty. From there, we can heal or accept as needed as we take one more step closer to the Divine.
Righteous judgment is the ego’s way of creating division. Judgement and love cannot coexist in the same space; therefore, we evolve more quickly by choosing to find ways to love our way through challenging situations.
Seek to be fully present in every interaction you have today. Should you notice a pattern, pay particular attention – especially to any words of encouragement or guidance that you hear yourself giving. Those messages are meant for you and the Universe has arranged the perfect coincidence, providing  an opportunity for growth.
And finally, be kind to yourself. Drop all critical self-talk and take the time to appreciate how far you have come, how many lives you have touched, and marvel as the majesty of your awakening.
Today my intention is to take full responsibility for every aspect of my life.
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