The journey of enlightenment

This is the moment of transformation
That’s Right! It is always easy for me to adapt and change. I am flexible and flowing
There are moments when the final piece of the puzzle falls into place. Something shifts, we can visualize the next phase of our growth and passion reignites.
When you learn to live from the level of soul, amazing things begin to happen. Fear dissipates and we become aware of the exquisite perfection of our experience. The rhythms of change are in the air and each of us has the opportunity to tap into the wonder of living.
Stand back and look at the tapestry of your life. Each thread has played a vital role in who you are. Every experience, chance meeting, inspiration or insight played it’s part in the synchrodestiny of your purpose. You’ll discover that everything has meaning when you observe it from a higher perspective.
In the midst of change it can be challenging to see clearly. Those are the moments when it’s important to show up and be open to experience, ready to flow with whatever unfolds. Clarity will come; however, it’s important to consciously continue to create the space in which transformation can occur. Laughter is also helpful…
Apply intention and attention to the present moment. Nothing is more important than your state of consciousness – you are deeply connected to everyone and everything and love resides at the core of it all.
Today my intention is to purposely shape my own destiny as I move towards enlightenment
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